Sunday, May 23, 2010

Moo Goo Gai Pan & Kindergarten

Summer has now officially started since Carroll County's last day of school was May 21. I have now been out of school a little over a year. On February 2nd I started a job as a long term substitute in kindergarten @ Sand Hill. Kindergarten of all things! I DID NOT think that I would be able to teach kindergarten. But, believe it or not, I turned out pretty darn good @ it. Even with having a degree in middle grades education. I helped with their little graduation ceremony & had to go up on stage to announce their little names. They were such good kids & after 4 mos of being with them, I sure do miss them.  

It's weird too, that's it's all over with. I feel like I have no closure. The year is just over with. Kids are gone. No job. No income. What do I do now? I have tried to find a job for the summer. So far, no go. Tomorrow, I'm going out to some schools in Douglas Co on a cold call so to speak. I have portfolio's made up & I'm going to drop them off at a few schools that are hiring. I have filled out our summer calendar w/ local free stuff that is available in our area. See the calendar on the side of this blog. Any suggestions for free stuff this summer are always welcome. I have a really hard time relaxing when I have nothing to do. I usually wander around my house & wonder what it is that I should be doing. Or sleep. Or nap.

Last week when I was going through some recipes. I found this great & simple recipe for Moo Goo Gai Pan. I LOVE Moo Goo Gai Pan. But I'm on this kick lately where if I pay for the food, it better taste AS GOOD or better than what I can make @ home. I can't stand it when I pay for food & I'm still hungry, or the food isn't so good, or I would make the same things @ home. We (I) cook a lot @ home. But this summer, I'm really going to try to cook things that I've never made before or things that sound too hard to make, etc. If I'm off all summer, I should have plenty of time to cook. Back to the Moo Goo.

I made this simple recipe & bought some frozen egg rolls. It tasted JUST like what you get at the restaurants. WOW! was I happy.  Why go to Kong Long's when I can make it myself?

This summer, when I make something new, that I haven't made before, I'll take a pic & post it. I'll be sure to take pics & video's of our summer adventures. I'm so looking forward to going to the beach for the first time in 14 yrs. We saved the money up (thank you long term sub job). We are staying here.While I haven't been able to get into the shape that I want to to go to the beach, I'll try to relax in my bathing suit. I'll try. Be sure to check out my You Tube channel to see Ethan's band concert. Wish me luck tomorrow.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What are you good at?

Ok, so I'm sitting here watching "Enemy at the Gates." This movie is about two snipers, one German, one Russian, that are battling it out - so to speak, during the battle of Stalingrad during WWII. I got to thinking that these must be some darn good snipers in order to be immortalized in a movie right? Then I got to thinking what am I good at? Am I good enough at any one thing that I can have a movie made about me? Or have I done something so wonderful to have a movie made about me? Or have I had something done to me, either good or bad, that I can have a movie made about?  Heck, would I even want to have a movie made about me? Mmmm...probably not.

But anyway, I wonder what I'm good at. Recently, I've tried hula hooping. But that didn't work out too well for me. I've also tried juggling. While I can get two balls going around, it's that third ball that's giving me the most problems. I tried learning Spanish while I was going to school, but was too busy to stick w/ it. Now I don't really have any desire to learn it. I've also tried learning a few magic tricks, like palming a coin. But what am I good at? Can someone say "Wow, that Nicole, she's so good at...." Right now, I cannot think of any hidden talent that I have. I have made some good bread in my bread machine. that the hidden talent?

& I wonder is it better to try a whole bunch of stuff & figure out that your not good at them or not try anything?

So here's my question to you...What are you good at? What you are your hidden talents? Are you a closet hula hooper? Can you hoop, juggle, & speak Spanish all at the same time? haha

I look fwd to your hidden talents reveled.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Farm Animals @ Stockmar Park

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It's been a while.... & updates

I can't believe that it's been since Aug that I actually updated this blog. I really like my blog & I enjoy the idea of keeping some record of our adventures for the kids to read when the get older. But August...geesh! I really need to make some sort of monthly goal for updating "Daisy Mae's thoughts."

There is really too much to give you a play by play of what's been happening so I'll do the best I can & hope I don't leave out anything too important.

D - got promoted to Lieutenant of patrol shift. Yay for the promotion! Boo for the shift(1800-0600).

E - Started 7th grade. Currently, dating a "Rebbecca." Still in band. He played basketball for the Upward league and is currently playing rec soccer. It's been a bit of a struggle getting him to keep his grades up this yr. He participated in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl. He is now a teenager. ugh.

M - Started 2nd grade. He's doing really well in school. Such a social butterfly! He calls in friends on the phone all the time. He's even been known to call his coaches to chat on the phone. He loves to spend the night at his friends house. He has played fall soccer, Upward basketball, and now spring soccer. M is an amazing goalie & the last game he scored a really cool goal when playing offense.

Me - You know I didn't find a job when I graduated in May. So what have I been doing since then? I have put my name on several substitute teacher lists with different counties. Well, since then, I have been working most everyday. While it's not a whole heck of a lot of money, it does get my name out there. The hard work has seemed to pay off a bit as I was able to land a long term sub position. I started subbing for this kindergarten teacher in Feb. I will be there 'til at least the end of April. That's pretty cool huh? I NEVER thought that I could teach kindergarten & I was really scared to take the position but I sure am glad that I did. It has really given me a lot more experience than I had when I graduated.

Daisy Mae, Barnaby, Bandit, Squeakers, Rupert, (and the occasional visit from Stranger Cat), are all doing fine.

We are trying to save up money to make out fantasy vacation real this yr. You can ask me what the heck a fantasy vacation is. We have decided on Panama City Beach in this listing.

D & I took a trip to Huntsville, Al in Sept to visit the Space & Rocket Center. We had a free pass.

We have been walking a lot over at Stockmar Park. They have added farm animals to their exhibit. The pigs are SO cute. You can feed them saltines. When you walk by their pen, the pigs run up to you & wag their little piggy tails & snort & drool. So cute.

I have been taking video's with my phone and uploading the video's to my channel on YouTube. Be sure to check that out.

'Till nxt time :0)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Matthew's teacher wanted Matthew to bring in pictures of the raccoon. Then he decided to take pictures of things around the house that are important to him. This is a brief look @ that.

Rupert makes a friend

This movie is about Rupert, my cat, meeting Herbert. I really wanted to use the Mission Impossible theme song but it would not play no matter what I did.