Thursday, April 8, 2010

What are you good at?

Ok, so I'm sitting here watching "Enemy at the Gates." This movie is about two snipers, one German, one Russian, that are battling it out - so to speak, during the battle of Stalingrad during WWII. I got to thinking that these must be some darn good snipers in order to be immortalized in a movie right? Then I got to thinking what am I good at? Am I good enough at any one thing that I can have a movie made about me? Or have I done something so wonderful to have a movie made about me? Or have I had something done to me, either good or bad, that I can have a movie made about?  Heck, would I even want to have a movie made about me? Mmmm...probably not.

But anyway, I wonder what I'm good at. Recently, I've tried hula hooping. But that didn't work out too well for me. I've also tried juggling. While I can get two balls going around, it's that third ball that's giving me the most problems. I tried learning Spanish while I was going to school, but was too busy to stick w/ it. Now I don't really have any desire to learn it. I've also tried learning a few magic tricks, like palming a coin. But what am I good at? Can someone say "Wow, that Nicole, she's so good at...." Right now, I cannot think of any hidden talent that I have. I have made some good bread in my bread machine. that the hidden talent?

& I wonder is it better to try a whole bunch of stuff & figure out that your not good at them or not try anything?

So here's my question to you...What are you good at? What you are your hidden talents? Are you a closet hula hooper? Can you hoop, juggle, & speak Spanish all at the same time? haha

I look fwd to your hidden talents reveled.

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