Thursday, August 13, 2009

Matthew's teacher wanted Matthew to bring in pictures of the raccoon. Then he decided to take pictures of things around the house that are important to him. This is a brief look @ that.

Rupert makes a friend

This movie is about Rupert, my cat, meeting Herbert. I really wanted to use the Mission Impossible theme song but it would not play no matter what I did.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Balloons part two

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Ok, it's was HOT. Very HOT. When I get hot, I get irritated & tired. Needless to say, I was both. The Youth decide that they want to GO BACK to the festival at night when the balloons are back. Great! (suppress an eye roll) This time D accompanies us. This time however, we decide to just meet @ the V-Plex instead of meeting @ the church first. Rebeka is already over there in line (THANK GOD!) when we get there @ 1830. We actually broke in line w/ her (i still feel really bad about that) so that we could ride the tethered balloon. Then more youth come & they break in line too. Yes, this is a Christian youth group and evidently we are line breakers too. So we all, (except D), rode up in a balloon about 20 ft & then back down again. It lasted about 30 seconds. I won't tell you how I had to get my short little legs in & out of that basket. After the balloons were over we took Georgia & Ann out to eat at Iron Horse BBQ. Then around 9P something, we made it home. Then back to church on Sun to teach sunday school. whew!

Ballons Part one

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The Wesley Chapel youth group took a trip to the West GA hot air balloon festival on Aug 8th. We were told that there would be hot air balloons, tethered balloon rides, mobile Braves, Hawks, Thrashers experience, etc. We arrive at the church around 0830 so we can eat & then drive to the V-Plex. We arrive at the V-Plex a little around 930A & it's already HOT. So, we're looking around for balloons - it is the hot air balloon festival after all. So far we don't see any. We start too look around & there is the braves mobile experience, hair & face painting, some food vendors, old timey tractors, and the moon walk & slide. That's about it. Where are the balloons? We are at the hot air balloon festival right? Turns out the balloons weren't going to be there 'til 7P!! Arugh! I can't believe that. Thank's a lot VR for publishing the schedule of events so we know what time to show up.

We youth decide to head back to the church to eat lunch & play board games 'til 1430 when parents would come to pick up their kids.....

Stupid Balloons!

Stars n Strikes


On Wed, Aug 5 I found out that there is a special @ the Dallas Stars n Strikes bowling alley. We could bowl for $.97 cents per person + shoe rental. So we piled up in the car & went to the bowling alley. It's really awesome w/ lots of lanes; they even have dedicated Cosmic lanes. They also have an arcade, laser tag, & bumper cars. We got a great deal on lunch - the lunch menu was $50% off, so D & I got hambergers & fries for $2 a piece! We had a fun time!
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Vader hooping



These are some of the antics Matthew provides me w/. He comes out of this bedroom grinning like a Cheshire cat in his Vader outfit & starts hooping. He also likes to hoop naked. Want pictures of that too?
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