Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi, my name's Nicole & I'm a loser

Ok, so after a series of false starts and dodging obstacles, I finally graduated from college. WHOO HOO! What a day. Not too shabby of an accomplishment.

Now, there are no jobs....No jobs anywhere. I just found out that my last prospect has been filled & the lady doesn't even remember receiving my application. Which I HAND DELIVERED! So, if there isn't an application, I can't even be considered for a job.

That application required me to fill out several essay's. I stayed up late to finish filling all that out....grrrr.....& she didn't even GET the application! I had to go out & BUY a report cover! I'm SO frustrated.

It turns out that my resume/portfolio/application sat on the wrong desk for 2 wks, so the head master never even saw my application. It was there, just delivered to the wrong spot.

So now I'm a college graduate w/ no job & no prospects. D is breathing down my neck to find a job doing SOMETHING, & I've ALREADY applied for 15 other jobs at Drugstores, Autoparts stores, and etc. Nobody is calling.....

My checking account balance is $0.78 & my savings is -$5.21. I thought I would have a job when I graduated & I wouldn't have to deal w/ this anymore....I'm sad & angry

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sponge Cloud

I have been having a "crick" in my neck lately. I am happy to announce that I convinced D to buy me a new pillow. I love this pillow! This morning, while lying in the bed,in the moments when you first start to wake up but aren't quite conscious, I decided what my pillow felt like. It feels like a beautiful sponge cloud....Sponge cloud, I love you. I haven't had neck cricks for 2 whole days now! And now we have a new member to our family....a pillow named Sponge Cloud.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

13 years

13 years ago today, D & I got married. How are we going to celebrate it? We are going to use a BOGO coupon to go to Medieval Times!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ethan & Matthew's Adventures

This week Ethan has gone to Jekyll Island 4H camp. Ethan will be doing so much this week, including going out on a shrimper boat, meeting the Coast Guard, and performing a shark dissection.

Matthew is spending the week attending the Villa Rica day camp at gold dust park. Today he visited the Pine Mountain Gold Museum and went panning for minerals & went on a hike. On Friday he will be go to the Midtown water park in Carrollton.

In two weeks, both Ethan & Matthew will attend the Gold Dust day camp. Their field trips will include the Turner Field tour and a trip to White Water in addition to going back to the Midtown water park twice. Then it's back to school!

I'm still looking for a job....keep praying.