Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hi, my name's Nicole & I'm a loser

Ok, so after a series of false starts and dodging obstacles, I finally graduated from college. WHOO HOO! What a day. Not too shabby of an accomplishment.

Now, there are no jobs....No jobs anywhere. I just found out that my last prospect has been filled & the lady doesn't even remember receiving my application. Which I HAND DELIVERED! So, if there isn't an application, I can't even be considered for a job.

That application required me to fill out several essay's. I stayed up late to finish filling all that out....grrrr.....& she didn't even GET the application! I had to go out & BUY a report cover! I'm SO frustrated.

It turns out that my resume/portfolio/application sat on the wrong desk for 2 wks, so the head master never even saw my application. It was there, just delivered to the wrong spot.

So now I'm a college graduate w/ no job & no prospects. D is breathing down my neck to find a job doing SOMETHING, & I've ALREADY applied for 15 other jobs at Drugstores, Autoparts stores, and etc. Nobody is calling.....

My checking account balance is $0.78 & my savings is -$5.21. I thought I would have a job when I graduated & I wouldn't have to deal w/ this anymore....I'm sad & angry

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Lisa said...

you are not a loser. you are suffering a temporary setback, which is to be expected in the depressed economy we are currently experiencing. husbands are always breathing down our necks - don't let him get you rattled. you are doing all you can to land a job, and you have skills - it just takes time to land a job. remember how long it took aunt jan to find her current job after she got laid off. change is constant. things will turn around, so lighten up on yourself, girl! meanwhile, it's certainly a job & a half to raise two boys and run a household. you are noooot a loser!