Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pickett's Mill

Today we went to Pickett's Mill historic site.
This was the 145th anniversary of the battle. There were several actors dressed up in replica suits. It was pretty cool, all in all.

There were also several flags that were displayed from both confederate on the left,and union troops on the right. I thought that I had taken more pictures of flags....but I didn't.

We walked around the Blue Loop, which is 1.5 miles. The kids & I were a bit tired & sweaty after it all. I don't know how those soldiers did it in the wool suits & 40 lbs packs! Whew! It really makes you have more appreciation for their hard work & air conditioning.

On the loop we saw the corn & wheat fields where battles were fought. Also the area where Pickett's Mill was. We saw trenches where the confederate troops had dug in for a defensive position. We even saw some defensive lines (replicated of course) where troops had constructed them from trees. It was really great to be able to imagine how things were 145 yrs ago. Then we jumped in the van & blasted the a/c all the way home.

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